Friday, December 29, 2023

All for God's Glory!

The good that we do in this life is not to get us a pat on the back or get us 'brownie points' when we get to Heaven, IT IS ALL FOR THE GLORY OF GOD!!

One day closer to The Day

affecting ALL of life!
Let's focus, though, on Jesus' birth
and NOT upon the strife!
There is so much that's happening
to steal His celebration!

The calendar and some of life
Not so!  If you try hard enough
Christ's footprints you will find!
We find them in an outstretched hand
as we go through our day.
They long for ANYONE to notice!
They long for us to pray!
They long for anything that we
can spare this time of year!
And watching are The Father's eyes,
open are His ears!
He sees the slightest help we give
to anyone at all!
He knows that reaching out to such-
it is our greatest call!

One day closer...SEE IT WITH ME!
Jesus Christ is coming!
Knowing this, there is so much
we SHOULD BE overcoming!
And giving sight unto the blind
that they may see Him, too!
Do all the GOOD you can, my friend,
The Rapture is overdue!

Do all the good you can to as many as you can for as long as you can!  I promise you, you will receive more out of it than they will, and God, Himself, will smile!

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