Saturday, December 30, 2023

A REAL Faith!

Yes, a REAL faith.  That is what God is wanting from each and every person in this life!  He already owns everything else!  Why not let Him own your very heart??

The end of one more busy year.
I look back on relations here.
Some planted deeper...some let go...
so many new ones come to know!
Yet, even as the year would end,
ONE remains more than 'a friend!'
Relationship with Father God
remains intact, remains unflawed!

There is a massive difference, though,
between 'going to church' and 'God, to know!'
Intimacy with God Most High-
the same takes time to purify!
It's one thing to 'involve and attend.'
It's one thing to know God as 'Friend.'
Another it is totally
to know His heart and personality!!

So many go to church and believe,
to 'be good' and, His Grace, achieve.
A higher level be it, though,
God's very Character, to know!
His love to be more real then?
More real to US, but not to Him!
For His love wavers not at all!
The blessed know His loving Call!
His touch, His Son and His direction.
Constantly is His reflection
on His Own and yet to be!

Being real in our faith.  It is the most important step in our relationship to God...and with other folks!  And, trust me, They know it when you are not!  There be no reason to put on a 'front' with God, as He already knows EVERYTHING!

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