Wednesday, December 27, 2023

A Little Late?

'A little late?'  Some would think!  But such is the way it is around!  But, as they say, 'Better late than never!'

A few days after Christmas,
and winter--it is here!
We had to raise the heat a bit
without the sunlight near!
I bundle up, stepping out
into the winter morn.
taking in the glory that
the overnight has borne.
Semi-trucks, already busy
on the 4-lane afar.
Though miles separate us all,
the whining wheels, they are!

So busy and so living is 
the valley come between.
So much to catch the vision of
the eye that would be keen!
The birds...the animals...the people...
and, of course, The Lord!
He sees to it that such vision
we can each afford!
And one more vision makes He clear:
Him coming in the cloud!
Yes, His return to take us Home
when God says it's allowed!
On such I ponder as I pray
and scan the valley vast!
For There, Sonlight and perfection,
evermore, shall last!

'A little late?'  No, NEVER in That Place!  'Weather' will always be perfect, and time, as we know it, shall be done away with, and all good and perfect things shall exist There!

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