Tuesday, December 26, 2023

A Genuine Day!

In a little country town...the day after Christmas...and just about everyone in the area has something they need to make what they received yesterday work!  I bet EVERY order that I took care of today included BATTERIES!  Make no mistake, I love it that way!  However, it makes me appreciate my afternoon recliner a lot more!

"Buzz!   I am so glad you're here!
Can you take care of them!
I've been here since we opened up!
"Hey Buzz, Garden needs some quarters!  Can
you take them a few rolls?"
"Sir, I need some help on aisle 10!
You have the 'page' controls!"

And so today went.  All day long.
I expected nothing less!
So many opportunities
to help, assist or bless!
And now, my time is finished and
she's waiting out that door.
Before I leave, however, I must
hand over the floor!
I do so knowing able hands
are here to take control.
As I clock out, I thank my Jesus
for yet one more day whole!
Were it not for His Great Touch
I would know none of this!
And the blessings we enjoy,
away, we each may kiss!

Success.  It comes straight out of the hand of God!  Them that realize this not had better learn it real fast, lest that sweet success of a busy day finds its way to someone that truly appreciates it!

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