Friday, November 10, 2023

Working For Him

On a morning that is 'unseasonable,' I sit out in the back under the flying leaves with pen and pad and receive words that He wants His people to hear...

Autumn's flying in the breeze

as I work on His Word
for His faithful that attend
this Sunday to be heard.
I know if I invest time in
His Word, this glorious day,
a message that will reach the masses
He will send my way!
But 'the masses,' they must read His Word, too,
to get the full effect!
"Show up...sing songs...bring tithes and listen..."
He expects a conversation
with Him every day!
And, He expects us to ACT, if He
is going to REACT our way! 

A message for the masses as
the autumn shades amass.
November feels like August with
these winds that briskly pass!
But savor, I, the many colors
as the sermons form
in the backyard, in His Presence,
and the breezes warm!

The glory of the blue
above the autumn hue.
The seasons demonstrated
and the messages created!

Blessed, so blessed am I to be in His Presence as He guides my pen and tells me where to go in His Word so that his servants will be blessed this Sunday.  GOD IS SO GOOD!

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