Sunday, November 26, 2023

Why NOT Now??

For as long as I can recall, His servants have been preaching and teaching about Jesus coming back and taking His Own to Paradise!  As I spend time with Him this day, the same question enters Our conversation...

"When will you come receive us, Lord?

When will we see Your face?
When will we know 'That Peace' that You
so promised in Your days?
What better time than CHRISTMAS, Lord,
with gifting going on?
We'll see Glory split the skies!
All tribulations gone!!

Until that Glory moment, Lord,
Your works continue here,
by them belonging to You helping 
with pain, love, stress and fear!
''Tis the season,' says the world,
of exalting joy and peace!'
If ALL truly desired such,
the heart, it would release!

'When will You come receive Your Own?'
We wonder, Lord, each day!
All the while practicing
the ways that You display!
You, alone, to know the day,
the moment and the hour10145
when EVER EYE will recognize You
in Your mighty power!

What better "CHRISTMAS" gift could ever be than that which we have been praying for for centuries?!  AND IT COULD HAPPEN ANY SECOND!  "Yes!  Come quickly, Lord Jesus!"

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