Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Uncommon Anniversary

Another 'uncommon' wedding anniversary!  We had big plans to go somewhere and celebrate, but I had a seizure right after I clocked out from work yesterday!!  One of my managers helped me walk to the car.  When she saw him holding my arm, she KNEW what had happened, and we realized that THOSE fancy plans to celebrate her would have to wait.  However, being the strong, loving wife that she is, she just consoled me and took it in stride.  I AM SO BLESSED!

42 years.  And NONE apart!

She fully gave to me her heart!
She occupies my very own.
God makes sure we are not alone!
And even yet, the time accrues,
the days, emotions and the views.
The memories to which we cling
help us, but even yet, to sing!
But, not EACH day is 'joyous song,'
as, at OUR age, some things go wrong!
Together, though, we make it through-
that 'Three-Fold Cord' to be our glue!

42 years...and none apart!
Still occupy we each other's heart!
When I'm at work, I think of her,
recalling all the years there were!
And all the years that are ahead!
Day-by-day, by love, we're led!
And by the will of God Most High,
as settled, He, all the time that's nigh!

I love her more and more each day!
I TRY to give her her own way;
I TRY to remember and recall...
true love is yet, in spite of all!
She's yet a gift out of His hand.
A gift no human could have planned!
Enjoying joys...surpassing fears...
no matter the amount of years!

"HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, DEBBY BUSBY!  You are an 'uncommon,' constant gift into my life from The Lord, Himself!"
It is my prayer that all who read these words can have a love of their life that inspires such words as God has given this man!

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