Saturday, November 25, 2023


Yet again, nature is playing games and throwing curveballs at us!  Regardless, GOD CHANGES NOT, so we keep pressing on and get the job done!

3 p.m.  And it is dark?
The storms are on the move!
We knew throughout the week that
conditions would not improve!
But rain showers only, on this day,
such darkness for to bring!!
Regardless, we yet have so much
that causes us to sing!

All labors got done earlier,
before the rain began.
That which remains, it was not part
of anybody's plan!
Enjoy it shall we--all of us
who truly do belong.
'Tis but a stanza inside of this life's
never-ending song

    3p.m. and darkness is.
    however, WE ARE BLESSED!
    The life that God provides to us,
    it is the very best!
    We are so very fortunate
    that we belong to Him!
    No matter time or atmosphere,
    life--it does not dim!

God--He orders days and times,
even events, as well!
Whatever holds the day that comes,
my Father, He can tell!
Trust in Him completely!
For He has us in Hs hands.
EVERYTHING that comes our way,

FATHER GOD KNOWS.  We all KNOW that as fact!  However, it's hard to wrap our head around it when we are going through trial, pain or suffering.  At those times KEEP ON KNOWING, KEEP ON TRUSTING, KEEP ON BELIEVING!  For He has NOT given up on you.  NEVER give up on Him!

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