Friday, November 3, 2023

The Way to Start

"Aah...Good Morning, Lord!"  What a beautiful day You have made!"
First thing.  I quietly rise and dress trying to let her sleep.  I make coffee and open up His Word.  Our conversation is constant, and it is DIALOGUE, not monologue.  I AM A VERY WEALTHY MAN!!

Early in the morning here

while life begins to rise.
For some, it takes a little while,
oh, but way beyond the skies
they are celebrating without
hindrances from health.
In Jesus, there they are complete,
and given greatest wealth!

Some have such HERE in padded pews
and take it all for granted!
Some do 'church' of ritual,
or habits so implanted,
never realizing the
they fumble day-to-day and live
lives that are, sadly, flawed!

But VICTORY!  It is availed
by nothing WE have done!
And everyday is made anew
Jesus--He is more than 'sermon,'
or 'surviving' through the day!
He wants us each to THRIVE in Him-
the Straight and Narrow Way!

It's early and I thrive
because Jesus is alive!
He saves my very soul,
and makes completely whole!

No better Way to start the day than to make some coffee and spend as much time with God and His Living Word for as long as you can.  The Way to ensure victory!

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