Sunday, November 5, 2023

The Stabilizer

That title may not do justice.  However, as we approach 42 years of marriage, that's how I see my wife!  In spite of her own pains and difficulties, she sets them aside to help us and others deal with theirs!  What a priceless treasure from God!

"For decades now, I've watched as you
became the gift you are!
From that teenager that dated me,
you've come so very far!
As we approach anniversary,
I look back on the years.
While I still can, I recall all
you've done that so endears!

You've kept the house up while this man
went through a few careers...
you bore a daughter and a son,
through much travail and tears!
You raised them up to be the 
successes that they are,
all while this man did his best
to make sure we went far!
You keep us fed.  You keep the bills
so that they are abreast!
When God Himself made you for me,
He made His very best!
And all the years that have amassed,
I STILL would choose no other!
To go through everything you do

As I look out at leaves that turn,
(and my hair turns to gray!)
I see the life that we've gone through-
and I'd choose no other way!
For no one else would have this man
with all that I've got wrong!
You and I, my precious wife,
we make a wonderful song!"

I AM SO BLESSED!  I've said it before.  I will say it again...and again...and again!  Debby Busby is hand-made by God Himself!  And I am so very fortunate that she fell in love with ME!

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