Sunday, November 12, 2023

THAT Church IS out there!!

We live in a world of hurting, seeking people.  They are seeking that which some of us possess already due God's grace alone.  Are we going to share it with them?  After all, that IS our calling!

A lonely man set out to find
a loving, welcome place.
Somewhere where he could, all his past
and suffering, erase.
He saw so very many churches
that said "COME!  AND WELCOME BE!
So he thought he'd found places to,
loneliness, no longer see!

The first one that he entered told him
"You must dress 'this way!'
All the people in this place
will have something to say..."
Dejected, he moved on and found
another church to go.
He entered there and he was told
"Please apply, so we know______"
Frustrated further, he moved on,
that special place to find.
He just KNEW there was a place out there
that JESUS had designed!

"Welcome, friend!  We're glad you came!
Please, sit down anywhere!
Can I get you some coffee?  No,
don't worry about your hair!
Here's a bulletin so you know
of events happening here!
You do not have a ride?!  Don't worry!
We'll find a volunteer!"

The Church that God Himself designed,
in places, DOES exist!
Oh follow, ye the Holy Spirit,
lest that Church, it be missed!

You will find it amazing how many folks are STILL searching for THAT Church!  Just how much are WE, The Church, doing to help them with that search?  When you are lost, hurting or in pain, the last thing you are looking for is a set of 'rules!'

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