Saturday, November 25, 2023

Temporary Time

Day after day, we do our best here in this fading world.  However, God has promised a PERFECT Life after this one is over...IF Jesus is our Savior!

Someday soon, life, as we know it,
shall no longer be...
the life that we're accustomed to
shall be but memory!
We must get used to 'time,' itself,
consisting of Perfection--
something 'foreign' unto time
so filled with MAN'S direction!

Life, with not a worry,
not a care, not a fear!
Life where not a thing to harm us
ever will come near!
And Jesus Christ--the Saviour of
the soul, we'll see each day!
But wait!  It is a place where 'time'
has been set by the way!
So, CONSTANTLY, throughout forever,
we'll be with The Lord!
Partaking of the wonderments
He, alone, would afford!
He keeps His very best for them
who keep Him in the heart!
Those with whom His inspiration
nevermore will depart!

A whole new way of living will the chosen learn: THE PERFECT WAY!!  Yes, Perfection AND Paradise await His Chosen that endure!  NEVER GIVE UP!  Whatever THIS life holds, it CANNOT be compared to wait Jesus has waiting for His Own!

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