Monday, November 6, 2023

Sweet Memories!

Busy with family.  Busy with work.  Busy with Church.  Busy with LIFE!  Throughout all of that 'busyness,' there are opportunities to make memories.  GOOD memories!!!

Memories, sweet memories-
they can be transportation
unto another place in time,
or even a location!
The ones that we cling to the most,
they impact us in ways
that cause us to reflect on them,
and give to God great praise!

Not ALL memories do such,
BUT GOD, He gives us much
to keep us moving ever forward, 
savoring His special touch!
'Things' happen so to each of us
as we are pressing on,
that cause us to desire that
they never would be gone!
But tomorrow is another day
to make more memories!
And so very fortunate is the man 
that, tomorrow, sees!
For tomorrow may be painful...
it may be full of joy...
but there are those amongst us that,
'tomorrow' won't enjoy!

So, make the memories while you can
and store them deep within
where they cannot be touched or stolen
by mere, mortal men!
And God will bring those memories to mind
just when we need them most!
Because He loves and cares for us!
In THIS, we'll forever boast!

Memories.  GOOD memories!  God makes sure that things happen in this life that we can store in such a place!  If things are happening right now that you would just as soon forget, KEEP PRESSING ON!  He will make sure that GOOD things begin to happen as long as you trust Him!

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