Sunday, November 19, 2023

Soul Satisfaction!

Yes, satisfaction for the soul.  Have you found it yet?  It is available, and from nothing of this life!  It is found only One Place!

"My soul, for it is satisfied

in full by only One!
All every gift possesses He-
He is Lord over everything,
therefore, shall we arrive
at The Trumpet, in the air,
WITH HIM, again, alive!

In my soul His love resides
and makes this man advance!
In my day, He helps me to
help others have the chance!
The more successful THEY become,
the more He's glorified!
All because He owns my soul
and He is at my side!

In my my heart...
in my life always
He deserves all adoration,
He deserves all praise!
Otherworldly is the strength
provided to this man,
helping me dispense the same
as often as I can!

My soul to know the fulness come
The One and only Savior that,
for all sins, could atone!
His FULNESS?  Oh, but such can never
fully be obtained!!
Life, and life abundant, so,
in JESUS, only, gained!

That may sound like a contradiction, but satisfaction is nonetheless, AND IT IS BECAUSE OF JESUS CHRIST within!  My NEEDS He has already satisfied, and my only WANT is to know Him more and more!!

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