Thursday, November 2, 2023


The seasons' changing.  It is always so fascinating...AND BEAUTIFUL!  So grateful are they that are where they get to experience ALL seasons!

Savoring a day away from labor;
whole branches move so very. very slight.
Though autumn, it is barely half-way over,
the mighty oaks are STILL reflecting light!
The chimes are singing all throughout the land,
ever-gently, but welcome ever so!
Down the road, a man's got out his blower
to get a jump on fall; I hear it blow!

And peace is present late this afternoon!
Such is enjoyable as seasons pass!
Very soon, the weather will be frigid,
and difficulties will affect the mass!
Today, however, it is almost 'pleasant'
with not a thing at all to block the sun!
A prefect day to do that necessary
before winter comes with loaded gun!

So beautiful--the seasons of the year.
It breaks up the 'monotony' of life!
Six weeks away, winter will start its hinting,
causing folks so many kinds of strife!
Today, though, it is 'comfortable,' at best,
with everything aglow in November sun!
The colors that God, He has appointed-
falling gently, only now, have they begun! 

The glory and wonder of autumn across the land!  God created it.  And it affects this great country at different times!  THIS YEAR, it is a few weeks late, but nobody is complaining!

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