Saturday, November 11, 2023


So many wonders remain alive about the most important Man in history!  Though He 'died' in His thirties, look how many centuries those brief years have done for us...and continue to!  AND HE IS YET ALIVE!

He's never owned a house, but never
gone without a home?
In hearts that give Him residence
does He reside and roam!
He never carries 'cash,' yet He
is wealthiest of all!
He freely blesses, without measure
whenever ANY call!
He never studied medicine, yet
does He completely heal!
He even helps physicians all,
infirmities to reveal!
And, because He owns all things,
all things can He provide,
especially to them that follow
and have Him at their side!
Though He's never owned a 'business,'
countless employees has He!
But He prefers to call them 'friends,'
out of love for such as we!

Who is This One possessing 'nothing'
yet owning everything?
His Name is JESUS!  He is Lord!
His praises do we sing!
He's with us constantly each day
in all that we go through,
and He'll be There with The Redeemed,
There in That Life anew!!

One uncommon Man to live
a very common life--
the vow of uncommon eternity:

My friend, get to know this 'Uncommon' man!  Confess your sins to Him and ask Him to save your soul.  His Name is Jesus.  He suffered and died for YOU so that we could avoid an eternal Hell and reside with Him in Paradise, where He is enthroned in glory forevermore!

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