Wednesday, November 15, 2023


"Oh Lord, I KNOW that You are THE God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!  I am becoming an old man, yet there is so much I see and STILL don't understand!  AND GOD, I still do not fathom the amount of violence, killing and destruction happening in The Middle East!  What am I missing??"

Centuries of architecture
wiped out or destroyed...
billions and billions of world munitions,
by each side, deployed...
no regard for human life,
regardless of the age...
over a minute piece of land
they carry out their rage!!
'he Rules of War' be out the door
in this day and age,
as people in authority
refuse to 'turn the page!'

The innocent be sacrificed,
used as mortal pawn...
history built through centuries,
so heartlessly, be gone!
Instead of marking borders, they
would choose to decimate,
taking not into account
their future is their fate!

When will the missiles fire no more?
When will the bullets cease?
When will the heart of man desire
dignity and peace?

Peace is possible.  Satisfaction is possible.  How much more blood must be shed before this is realized?  Or am I just a mere wordsmith, not understanding?  "OH LORD JESUS, WHEN WILL YOU RETURN?  COME QUICKLY, LORD JESUS CHRIST!!"

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