Saturday, November 25, 2023

Laboring Away!!

Wonders.  Wonders that can come from the hand of God alone!  They are all about us, but how many of us MAKE the time to appreciate them?

Skimming north across the water,
just off of Oceanside.
I'll stop ahead in San Clemente,
there to meet my bride.
Dolphins race along my side
and jump so very high!
I thank my God for His Creations
and the clear blue sky!

Off to my right, upon the coast,
a special stretch of sand!
On Saturdays, just after work,
we often met, unplanned!
'Twas there, I fell in love with her
all those decades ago!
What God has done in the decades since,
not anyone could know!
Here I am: delivering powerboats
for a major company,
years after being told that
"disabled" I would be!
Nope!  Still going is this man,
and STILL IN LOVE with her!
Regardless of events called 'living'
that constantly occur!

'Man' may have passed judgment on me,
BUT GOD has final say!
As I follow Him, stay in His Word,
life will go on HIS way!
He made the dolphins to escort me
on this delivery,
and, just ahead, in that harbor,
His gift--she waits for me!

'WORK...WORK...WORK!'  Yea, right!  At MY age, this is more like 'Fruits of my labor!'  AND THEY PAY ME TO DO IT!  Life is rough!  No!  LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL!  Enjoy every moment of it, as there are countless others that have been denied such!

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