Saturday, November 18, 2023

Kindness Lives!

GOOD GOES ON!  In spite of what the headlines read...regardless what makes the Nightly News...even in spite of that engrained inside us each, GOOD happens!

All men be the very same 
when GOD looks on us each.
There is no place at all where His
abounding grace won't reach!
No matter what your 'status' is,
your color, sex or age,
there is a time and place ahead
where there will be no RAGE!

But, in the days that are, we must
put up with such as this!
Men practice such at every level
and call it 'politics!'
The longer that we live, it seems,
the worse it all becomes!
The 'moral compass' of the masses-
it no longer 'plumbs!'

But there's a life and Land awaiting
where 'equality'
will be for every human soul
for all eternity!
Jesus Christ to reign as King
and Lord forevermore,
God, Himself as Father, Leader,
and NO MAN to be more!

'Equal' sees He all of us
from His throne up above!
And gives He to us, every one,
that mercy, peace and love!
Love that cannot be obtained
from any other place!
Love perfect that be nowhere else
but overwhelming grace! 

Prejudice still rears its ugly head!  I guess I see it more than usual since I am in the public eye.  HOWEVER, I get the honor and pleasure of witnessing the exact opposite EVEN MORE!  You know, those incidences that you will NEVER see on the Nightly News?  KINDNESS IS ALIVE!

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