Saturday, November 4, 2023

Hard Thoughts

The sun is high in the morning sky.  I already took care of some of the things that 'life' requires.  I take a break now with my wife, just in time for a daily delight...

Slowly, as the 10:15

makes its way through the hills,
I listen to my Savior, and
the wisdom He instills.
He knows all that is happening
and helps me understand.
And, while the train does slowly pass,
converse we of 'demand.'
And He helps this man to realize
'not all will get along.'
He gave to each of us 'free will,'
and, sometimes, we choose 'wrong!'
We reap the benefits of 'choice'
throughout our lives each day.
Even the 'choices' of others affect.
(That's NOT His Perfect Way!)
For God would have us blessing and
supporting one another
the way that Jesus did--The One
Who's Closer Than a Brother!

'Are there better ways for me to serve?'
I ponder and observe.
Less pain would happen in this life!
As I watch the train 'round the curve.
As the engine echoes, I think
of people in MY life:
If I were to get more involved, tell me,
would there be much less strife?

Hard thoughts today as I spend a few hours watching the trains go by.  'What can I do better?'  'What should I STOP doing?'  'Will anyone even notice?'  I KNOW that God will.

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