Friday, November 10, 2023


Happenings.  They never stop.  Good or bad.  And it doesn't matter who you are!  What DOES matter is your response to them!  Jesus knows all about ALL OF THEM, so why not turn to Him?

"Oh Lord, so much goes on in this life
that we, we did not plan!
A majority of it happens at
the hands of my brother man!
But there are several things that happen
because You caused them to.
What sets our fortitude at those times:

These happenings touch every man,
no matter who you are.
However, the way that we REACT
determines if we go far!
My Lord, You have a Perfect Way,
regardless what would rise!
And 'reasons' for these 'happenings'
lie way beyond the skies!

This man will do his very best
to keep a level head,
regardless what may come our way,
or which way we are led!
Because we know we are secure
inside Your very palm,
enables us to proceed further
savoring your perfect calm!

Not everything that's happening
inside the world this day
is 'pleasant' or 'enjoyable,'
we go through it anyway!
And getting 'bitter' only deepens
any type of wound,
and helps the problem or the challenge
to become 'ballooned!'

'Indeed, Lord, we turn to You amidst all that is happening in this world today AND WE CLING TIGHTLY!!  We KNOW, Lord, that all things are known to You, and we will spend eternity in a place where there are NO calamities!'

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