Friday, November 3, 2023

Forever Truths!

Finished up with all that had to be taken care of, there is now time to spend with God.  Though we have constant conversation throughout the day, I open up His Word and find His Truths alive therein...

"I know Your thoughts toward me, Father,
unending through the day!
Thoughts of happiness, tranquility,
and joy--whose end is nay!
I call upon Your loving ways,
You answer with all Truth!
And Your voice unto this servant. it
is filled with grace and ruth!
Regardless of how situations
in this life find us going,
Your mighty arms, they rein us in,
because You are all-knowing!
And because, Lord, You're a 'constancy,'
tomorrow You already see!
Thus, we can rest in knowing that You
have the best for such as we!
Yes, we call upon You, You respond
because You've worked it out!
We call upon You, Almighty God,
and we lean not unto doubt!
You listen when we talk to You.
You hear what our hearts say!
Oh, I shall ever cling to You, Lord,
throughout Forever Day!"

The prophet Jeremaiah saw the best and the worst in this world!  However, when he picked up a pen, he wrote promises that we LIVE right now and cling to for the days ahead!  Praise God for obedient people!

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