Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Finished...for now!

Finished, once again, with all that I could do while it was daylight.  Satisfied.  Knowing I did all that I could do for the kind folks who came in.  Now, in the unusual heat for this time of year, I bask in the leaves, underneath a sky that is filled with His glorious creations, and relax with her...

There is not more this man could do
in the time allotted me,
for the many guests that came to town
to buy from such as we!
We sold materials needed so
for their jobs to go on...
we did the best to satisfy them
before they each were gone.
And now, beneath the stars so brilliant,
my wife and I can relax,
as there is nothing going on,
our living, for to tax!
We talk about each other's day
and all that we went through.
We talk about each other's lives,
(as lovers often do!)
And we enjoy the brilliant sky above
with weather out-of-season!
Complaining not of such!  We ask
Creator God for no reason!
We KNOW that He controls it all,
and it will change very soon!
Therefore, enjoy we, while it is
November feeling like June!

The time changed last weekend.  So, right now, instead of savoring the sunset, we are enjoying starlight!  WE ARE SO BLESSED!  God is so good to us!  Recognize Him in whatever environment you are in, and HE WILL bless you!

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