Saturday, November 11, 2023

Father Perfection!

Yes, 'Father Perfection.'  There is one and only one Who may claim that title, and ONLY ONE that we attribute it to!  Have YOU met Him yet?

"Father of fathers, we love you so much!
There is no comparison unto Your touch!
You have us so firm and complete in Your hand,
and You make sure that we ever will stand!
Your strength given to us to help us to move...
Your Spirit so given to help us to improve...
and Your Risen Son--so alive in the heart!
There's so much, oh Father, You freely impart!
And what You provide us comes no other way!
PRAISE YOU!  Hallelujah but all through the day!
All of life knows of Your glory on high,
oh, but only The Fortunate, Lord, testify!"

The love of the Father of fathers above.
He handles His children with wonderful love!
He handles creation like none other can,
in spite of all differences of mortal man!
His firm and His peaceful control over all
should cause us no hesitance trusting His Call!
He stands up the mountains, He rolls out the hills,
He fills up the oceans, lakes, rivers and rills!
The stars and the planets He puts into place,
all because of His eternal, infinite grace!!

Yes, only The Father, God all alone,
has everything ever entirely known!
Including OUR daily steps, everyone each!
So wise is the person to constantly reach! 

Father God.  Completely over-abounding with any and all that living a loving father is...AND MUCH MORE!


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