Thursday, November 30, 2023


'So much to get done, so little time...'  Well, there is plenty of time, but IT IS POURING OUTSIDE!  
We had a wonderful time with Vicki for a few days.  I got done what I needed to for Home Depot this week.  Now that I have a few days off, it's raining!  I guess God knew I needed THIS time to write for Him!

Gray and gloomy...cold and wet..
another wasted day?
I look around at the conditions
and cry out 'NO WAY!'
God knew about this moment that
I'd have with Him alone,
so He inspires words from my heart
that may support His Own!

It's cold and wet outside, however,
we are warm and dry!
We have light and heat inside,
and THIS way to prophesy!
She and I have one another,
(for better or for worse!!)
And LOVE, it fills this precious home
as I receive this verse!

The elements cannot affect
the life that He provides!
Our response to them, however,
every man decides!
Do all that you can while you can
and leave the rest to God!
I promise, when you do your best,
The Heavenlies applaud!

Due to the weather, thousands of different scenarios come into play.  FOR EVERYONE!  However, when God is Captain of your life, He can make the best of everything...regardless what man sees!

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