Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Beyond our Understanding

The love and immensity of God.  Who could rightly fathom and record it?!  It is NOT possible!  However, relationship with Him is!  Do YOU know how?

Beyond our understanding,

(yet understanding all,)
God Most High, He reigns above
and knows of every call!
His care and His concern for us
is like none other known!
So fortunate and blest are those
He calls 'His very Own!'
And He reigns, regardless what is said.
All life does He control!
His touch--it is the only thing
that makes completely whole!
And His love--for it is perfect,
one that is all-complete!
A love that is already ours,
none of us must 'compete!'

Beyond our understanding,
Just savor living life abundant
beneath The Father's eye!
For He knows best in every
situation we go through;
and His love, it is the very Best
for me and even YOU!
And His great understanding-
it does not have an end!
So very fortunate are they
that know The Lord as 'Friend!'
He loves, protects, He blesses like
not any other can!
And having YOU have Him as "Lord-"
that is His Master Plan!

His glorious salvation is available to one and all!  However, it is a decision that each individual must make in their heart!  Please. my friend, don't go another day without a relationship with Him!

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