Thursday, November 16, 2023

Being a Neighbor!

Alone.  Time to think.  Time to PRAY!  What comes to heart as He is with me this day is the amount of folks that who are in pain.  They get out and do what MUST be done, then return home as quickly as they can!  Others, still, never leave the house at all.  They just pray that a friend or relative will show up or call.
Trust me, there are more out there than you think, and they are closer to you than you would ever have imagined!!

How many opportunities

are there within the day
to say a kind word to someone?
A stranger on The Way?
How many opportunities,
to go 'the extra mile' 
for someone hurting, wandering,
needing to reconcile?
But closer, how many opportunities
are there to just 'reach out?'
I promise you, a neighbor is waiting
in pain...confusion...or doubt!

So many opportunities
to outright 'get involved!'
I promise, if you give yourself,
so much can be resolved!
God made us to be 'social,' and
relate but every day!
Not to sit home, by ourselves,
and pray folks come our way!

So, get out!  Meet that neighbor!
Go to church! GET INVOLVED!
By doing so, life's pain, it might
not get COMPLETELY solved!
But we will have each other for
to lean on as we go!
And others going through the same,
we'll surely get to know!

There are folks that are lonely, hurting and frustrated everywhere we turn.  But most will NOT outright tell you that!  It takes time and effort to build relationship and trust.  However, believe me, it is certainly worth the effort!

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