Saturday, November 18, 2023

A TRUE Father!

How many folks are there that have never known such?  YOU CAN!  He is available anytime.  In fact, time means nothing to Him.  HE IS GREATER THAN TIME!

My Father, He is generous
beyond any explanation!
Though far above and all around,
He offers us relation!
It is a relationship
no 'words' can aptly catch,
but it is a relationship
that no one else can match!

He escorts me everywhere I go,
even prepares the way...
He takes care of me at every moment
of but every day!
He listens to me in a crowd,
or when I am alone...
though, to Him, all is complete,
to me, it's ever grown!

My Father--oh so much, much more
than a 'father-figure' He,
He is my Friend, my Confidante,
Provider, Referee!
He makes sure none may take advantage
of this man at all.
For if they do, He is Defense,
restoring, lest I fall!

My Father God, so personal,
so loving and so real!
Signs of His mighty Presence
not at all would He conceal!
I go forward and I prosper
because He guides my path!
He shields me from the enemy
and the darts of his great wrath!

The greatest 'thing' my Father has
is everlasting love!
So perfect and so wonderful,
we'll even know it up above!

Do YOU have such a Father?  YOU CAN!  And He wants you!!  All you must do is ask Jesus to be savior of your soul.  He can take it from there!

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