Monday, November 13, 2023

42 Years Ago

November 13, 1981.
Tomorrow I will be a married man!  HALLELUJAH!
Tonight, however, several of my good friends gave me a "Bachelor's Party."  It was NOT what ANYONE expected...

Sunset over at Oceanside,
a dozen closest friends
decided to have a get-together
before my celibacy ends.
Rod brought his Word of God along...
Bob brought some firewood...
Kevin brought with him his guitar,
and God said "It is good!"
We spent so many hours laughing,
crying and praying too.
And, of course, Kevin, with his guitar,
we had some singing, too!

A party unconventional-
but that was who we were.
They made sure that Jesus joined,
before I became one with her!
A perfect evening: a gentle breeze,
a constant fire stoked...
and the ocean right beside us
for those who wanted soaked!

I still recall the tears, the prayers,
the sacrifices made
by those faithful friends we had
with which, much time, we stayed!
We went to church together,
had Sunday School, also,
and, often, after Sunday night,
unto this beach we'd go!
And now, some things were going to change
as she became my wife!
It is the second-best decision
I have made in my life!

The first?  Well, of course, that would be asking Jesus to be my Lord and Savior by confessing my sins to Him and repenting. 
AND WE ARE STILL TOGETHER!  42 years later!  Still in love, and still GIVING GOD ALL THE GLORY!


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