Thursday, November 30, 2023


'So much to get done, so little time...'  Well, there is plenty of time, but IT IS POURING OUTSIDE!  
We had a wonderful time with Vicki for a few days.  I got done what I needed to for Home Depot this week.  Now that I have a few days off, it's raining!  I guess God knew I needed THIS time to write for Him!

Gray and gloomy...cold and wet..
another wasted day?
I look around at the conditions
and cry out 'NO WAY!'
God knew about this moment that
I'd have with Him alone,
so He inspires words from my heart
that may support His Own!

It's cold and wet outside, however,
we are warm and dry!
We have light and heat inside,
and THIS way to prophesy!
She and I have one another,
(for better or for worse!!)
And LOVE, it fills this precious home
as I receive this verse!

The elements cannot affect
the life that He provides!
Our response to them, however,
every man decides!
Do all that you can while you can
and leave the rest to God!
I promise, when you do your best,
The Heavenlies applaud!

Due to the weather, thousands of different scenarios come into play.  FOR EVERYONE!  However, when God is Captain of your life, He can make the best of everything...regardless what man sees!

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Not 'yearly,' but CONSTANTLY!!

What a wonderful time of year!  The fortunate who truly know the Meaning of it savor each and every moment of this time of year!  AND, those same fortunate enjoy it every day of the year!  Do YOU know what I'm talking about?

Christmas season is upon us.

People rushing here and there,
and barren are the trees!
Busier is business
at every place in town,
and all of it is orchestrated
by Him looking down!

Though folks are rushing here and there,
God the Son, the Son of God
comes down to give us 'worth!'
Those who know His love make time
to celebrate Him yet!
and all glory does He get!

Jesus--oh, so wonderful...glorious...
beautiful and kind!
Holy and so perfect is He,
all of time designed!
He is not 'just a season,'
He is not 'a time of year!
He is why we exist at all!
He is why we are here!

Holy!  Holy!  Holy!  Holy--
'Seasonal' The Lord is NOT!
Time--it is unknown!
He is eternal--so is His worship
and His adoration!
worth ALL the celebration!

Beyond all gifts...beyond all decoration...beyond all partying...beyond all family get-togethers, JESUS CHRIST IS LORD!  He is greater than time or season, and what He has done for each of us SHOULD keep Him at the forefront of our lives...CONSTANTLY!

Sunday, November 26, 2023

Why NOT Now??

For as long as I can recall, His servants have been preaching and teaching about Jesus coming back and taking His Own to Paradise!  As I spend time with Him this day, the same question enters Our conversation...

"When will you come receive us, Lord?

When will we see Your face?
When will we know 'That Peace' that You
so promised in Your days?
What better time than CHRISTMAS, Lord,
with gifting going on?
We'll see Glory split the skies!
All tribulations gone!!

Until that Glory moment, Lord,
Your works continue here,
by them belonging to You helping 
with pain, love, stress and fear!
''Tis the season,' says the world,
of exalting joy and peace!'
If ALL truly desired such,
the heart, it would release!

'When will You come receive Your Own?'
We wonder, Lord, each day!
All the while practicing
the ways that You display!
You, alone, to know the day,
the moment and the hour10145
when EVER EYE will recognize You
in Your mighty power!

What better "CHRISTMAS" gift could ever be than that which we have been praying for for centuries?!  AND IT COULD HAPPEN ANY SECOND!  "Yes!  Come quickly, Lord Jesus!"

Saturday, November 25, 2023

Laboring Away!!

Wonders.  Wonders that can come from the hand of God alone!  They are all about us, but how many of us MAKE the time to appreciate them?

Skimming north across the water,
just off of Oceanside.
I'll stop ahead in San Clemente,
there to meet my bride.
Dolphins race along my side
and jump so very high!
I thank my God for His Creations
and the clear blue sky!

Off to my right, upon the coast,
a special stretch of sand!
On Saturdays, just after work,
we often met, unplanned!
'Twas there, I fell in love with her
all those decades ago!
What God has done in the decades since,
not anyone could know!
Here I am: delivering powerboats
for a major company,
years after being told that
"disabled" I would be!
Nope!  Still going is this man,
and STILL IN LOVE with her!
Regardless of events called 'living'
that constantly occur!

'Man' may have passed judgment on me,
BUT GOD has final say!
As I follow Him, stay in His Word,
life will go on HIS way!
He made the dolphins to escort me
on this delivery,
and, just ahead, in that harbor,
His gift--she waits for me!

'WORK...WORK...WORK!'  Yea, right!  At MY age, this is more like 'Fruits of my labor!'  AND THEY PAY ME TO DO IT!  Life is rough!  No!  LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL!  Enjoy every moment of it, as there are countless others that have been denied such!

Temporary Time

Day after day, we do our best here in this fading world.  However, God has promised a PERFECT Life after this one is over...IF Jesus is our Savior!

Someday soon, life, as we know it,
shall no longer be...
the life that we're accustomed to
shall be but memory!
We must get used to 'time,' itself,
consisting of Perfection--
something 'foreign' unto time
so filled with MAN'S direction!

Life, with not a worry,
not a care, not a fear!
Life where not a thing to harm us
ever will come near!
And Jesus Christ--the Saviour of
the soul, we'll see each day!
But wait!  It is a place where 'time'
has been set by the way!
So, CONSTANTLY, throughout forever,
we'll be with The Lord!
Partaking of the wonderments
He, alone, would afford!
He keeps His very best for them
who keep Him in the heart!
Those with whom His inspiration
nevermore will depart!

A whole new way of living will the chosen learn: THE PERFECT WAY!!  Yes, Perfection AND Paradise await His Chosen that endure!  NEVER GIVE UP!  Whatever THIS life holds, it CANNOT be compared to wait Jesus has waiting for His Own!


Yet again, nature is playing games and throwing curveballs at us!  Regardless, GOD CHANGES NOT, so we keep pressing on and get the job done!

3 p.m.  And it is dark?
The storms are on the move!
We knew throughout the week that
conditions would not improve!
But rain showers only, on this day,
such darkness for to bring!!
Regardless, we yet have so much
that causes us to sing!

All labors got done earlier,
before the rain began.
That which remains, it was not part
of anybody's plan!
Enjoy it shall we--all of us
who truly do belong.
'Tis but a stanza inside of this life's
never-ending song

    3p.m. and darkness is.
    however, WE ARE BLESSED!
    The life that God provides to us,
    it is the very best!
    We are so very fortunate
    that we belong to Him!
    No matter time or atmosphere,
    life--it does not dim!

God--He orders days and times,
even events, as well!
Whatever holds the day that comes,
my Father, He can tell!
Trust in Him completely!
For He has us in Hs hands.
EVERYTHING that comes our way,

FATHER GOD KNOWS.  We all KNOW that as fact!  However, it's hard to wrap our head around it when we are going through trial, pain or suffering.  At those times KEEP ON KNOWING, KEEP ON TRUSTING, KEEP ON BELIEVING!  For He has NOT given up on you.  NEVER give up on Him!

Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Thanksgiving Thoughts

Being 'thankful.'  Is it 'just a holiday' to you, or is it actually a settled 'way of life?'

Thanksgiving Day.  Gratitude much!
During the day we reflect on so much
with family and friends--whomever shows up.
We fellowship, cook, we pray and we sup!
We have so very much to be grateful for now.
And God orchestrates all that happens 'somehow.'
Because Jesus arranges like none other can.
and provides like not any other one can!

It is Thanksgiving!  And thankful we are.
Blessings on blessings are never afar!
God's mighty hands find their way into our lives.
They make sure that each blessing, so timely, arrives!

THANKSGIVING.  It's far more than mere 'holiday!'
A way of life is it for those of The Way!
No matter 'occurrences,' He keeps us whole!
So thankful we are that He accepted our soul!!

Thanksgiving Day.  Just a 'holiday' each November?  Just a Thursday to have off from work?  NO!!  For 'thanksgiving' is a 'way of life!'  And for those of us with Jesus living in our hearts, 'thanksgiving' is each and every day!


Monday, November 20, 2023

Happy Birthday, Honey!

Year after year, the kids and I find it harder and harder to 'purchase' something for Debby for her birthday and Christmas!  CELEBRATING her is easy!  As she has so many talents and virtues that so many others prosper from!

Celebrating one who 
celebrates this man always!
As we surpass year 42,
how many are the ways?
With money as no limit, (thanks
to Father God above,)
blessing her upon her birthday
demonstrates my love!

Another year behind us as,
her life, we celebrate.
She's worthy of so much, much more
than this man can create!
For far too often have I seen
her birthday 'just passed by,'
as last week was our anniversary,
and the Holidays are nigh!

NOT SO!  For she is worth the time
it takes to celebrate!
She's beautiful!  She's raised two kids
that both turned out so great!
She's paid our house off due her savvy
of what we've brought home!
She blesses others and helps out,
regarding not her own!

The memories of all the years
continue to amass!
For God made her with His Own Hand
and saved her just for me!
So, celebrating her--it comes
so very easily!!

If you see this amazing woman today, remind her what a blessing she is and tell her 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY!'

Sunday, November 19, 2023

Soul Satisfaction!

Yes, satisfaction for the soul.  Have you found it yet?  It is available, and from nothing of this life!  It is found only One Place!

"My soul, for it is satisfied

in full by only One!
All every gift possesses He-
He is Lord over everything,
therefore, shall we arrive
at The Trumpet, in the air,
WITH HIM, again, alive!

In my soul His love resides
and makes this man advance!
In my day, He helps me to
help others have the chance!
The more successful THEY become,
the more He's glorified!
All because He owns my soul
and He is at my side!

In my my heart...
in my life always
He deserves all adoration,
He deserves all praise!
Otherworldly is the strength
provided to this man,
helping me dispense the same
as often as I can!

My soul to know the fulness come
The One and only Savior that,
for all sins, could atone!
His FULNESS?  Oh, but such can never
fully be obtained!!
Life, and life abundant, so,
in JESUS, only, gained!

That may sound like a contradiction, but satisfaction is nonetheless, AND IT IS BECAUSE OF JESUS CHRIST within!  My NEEDS He has already satisfied, and my only WANT is to know Him more and more!!

Saturday, November 18, 2023

A TRUE Father!

How many folks are there that have never known such?  YOU CAN!  He is available anytime.  In fact, time means nothing to Him.  HE IS GREATER THAN TIME!

My Father, He is generous
beyond any explanation!
Though far above and all around,
He offers us relation!
It is a relationship
no 'words' can aptly catch,
but it is a relationship
that no one else can match!

He escorts me everywhere I go,
even prepares the way...
He takes care of me at every moment
of but every day!
He listens to me in a crowd,
or when I am alone...
though, to Him, all is complete,
to me, it's ever grown!

My Father--oh so much, much more
than a 'father-figure' He,
He is my Friend, my Confidante,
Provider, Referee!
He makes sure none may take advantage
of this man at all.
For if they do, He is Defense,
restoring, lest I fall!

My Father God, so personal,
so loving and so real!
Signs of His mighty Presence
not at all would He conceal!
I go forward and I prosper
because He guides my path!
He shields me from the enemy
and the darts of his great wrath!

The greatest 'thing' my Father has
is everlasting love!
So perfect and so wonderful,
we'll even know it up above!

Do YOU have such a Father?  YOU CAN!  And He wants you!!  All you must do is ask Jesus to be savior of your soul.  He can take it from there!

Kindness Lives!

GOOD GOES ON!  In spite of what the headlines read...regardless what makes the Nightly News...even in spite of that engrained inside us each, GOOD happens!

All men be the very same 
when GOD looks on us each.
There is no place at all where His
abounding grace won't reach!
No matter what your 'status' is,
your color, sex or age,
there is a time and place ahead
where there will be no RAGE!

But, in the days that are, we must
put up with such as this!
Men practice such at every level
and call it 'politics!'
The longer that we live, it seems,
the worse it all becomes!
The 'moral compass' of the masses-
it no longer 'plumbs!'

But there's a life and Land awaiting
where 'equality'
will be for every human soul
for all eternity!
Jesus Christ to reign as King
and Lord forevermore,
God, Himself as Father, Leader,
and NO MAN to be more!

'Equal' sees He all of us
from His throne up above!
And gives He to us, every one,
that mercy, peace and love!
Love that cannot be obtained
from any other place!
Love perfect that be nowhere else
but overwhelming grace! 

Prejudice still rears its ugly head!  I guess I see it more than usual since I am in the public eye.  HOWEVER, I get the honor and pleasure of witnessing the exact opposite EVEN MORE!  You know, those incidences that you will NEVER see on the Nightly News?  KINDNESS IS ALIVE!

Thursday, November 16, 2023

Being a Neighbor!

Alone.  Time to think.  Time to PRAY!  What comes to heart as He is with me this day is the amount of folks that who are in pain.  They get out and do what MUST be done, then return home as quickly as they can!  Others, still, never leave the house at all.  They just pray that a friend or relative will show up or call.
Trust me, there are more out there than you think, and they are closer to you than you would ever have imagined!!

How many opportunities

are there within the day
to say a kind word to someone?
A stranger on The Way?
How many opportunities,
to go 'the extra mile' 
for someone hurting, wandering,
needing to reconcile?
But closer, how many opportunities
are there to just 'reach out?'
I promise you, a neighbor is waiting
in pain...confusion...or doubt!

So many opportunities
to outright 'get involved!'
I promise, if you give yourself,
so much can be resolved!
God made us to be 'social,' and
relate but every day!
Not to sit home, by ourselves,
and pray folks come our way!

So, get out!  Meet that neighbor!
Go to church! GET INVOLVED!
By doing so, life's pain, it might
not get COMPLETELY solved!
But we will have each other for
to lean on as we go!
And others going through the same,
we'll surely get to know!

There are folks that are lonely, hurting and frustrated everywhere we turn.  But most will NOT outright tell you that!  It takes time and effort to build relationship and trust.  However, believe me, it is certainly worth the effort!

Wednesday, November 15, 2023


"Oh Lord, I KNOW that You are THE God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!  I am becoming an old man, yet there is so much I see and STILL don't understand!  AND GOD, I still do not fathom the amount of violence, killing and destruction happening in The Middle East!  What am I missing??"

Centuries of architecture
wiped out or destroyed...
billions and billions of world munitions,
by each side, deployed...
no regard for human life,
regardless of the age...
over a minute piece of land
they carry out their rage!!
'he Rules of War' be out the door
in this day and age,
as people in authority
refuse to 'turn the page!'

The innocent be sacrificed,
used as mortal pawn...
history built through centuries,
so heartlessly, be gone!
Instead of marking borders, they
would choose to decimate,
taking not into account
their future is their fate!

When will the missiles fire no more?
When will the bullets cease?
When will the heart of man desire
dignity and peace?

Peace is possible.  Satisfaction is possible.  How much more blood must be shed before this is realized?  Or am I just a mere wordsmith, not understanding?  "OH LORD JESUS, WHEN WILL YOU RETURN?  COME QUICKLY, LORD JESUS CHRIST!!"

Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Uncommon Anniversary

Another 'uncommon' wedding anniversary!  We had big plans to go somewhere and celebrate, but I had a seizure right after I clocked out from work yesterday!!  One of my managers helped me walk to the car.  When she saw him holding my arm, she KNEW what had happened, and we realized that THOSE fancy plans to celebrate her would have to wait.  However, being the strong, loving wife that she is, she just consoled me and took it in stride.  I AM SO BLESSED!

42 years.  And NONE apart!

She fully gave to me her heart!
She occupies my very own.
God makes sure we are not alone!
And even yet, the time accrues,
the days, emotions and the views.
The memories to which we cling
help us, but even yet, to sing!
But, not EACH day is 'joyous song,'
as, at OUR age, some things go wrong!
Together, though, we make it through-
that 'Three-Fold Cord' to be our glue!

42 years...and none apart!
Still occupy we each other's heart!
When I'm at work, I think of her,
recalling all the years there were!
And all the years that are ahead!
Day-by-day, by love, we're led!
And by the will of God Most High,
as settled, He, all the time that's nigh!

I love her more and more each day!
I TRY to give her her own way;
I TRY to remember and recall...
true love is yet, in spite of all!
She's yet a gift out of His hand.
A gift no human could have planned!
Enjoying joys...surpassing fears...
no matter the amount of years!

"HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, DEBBY BUSBY!  You are an 'uncommon,' constant gift into my life from The Lord, Himself!"
It is my prayer that all who read these words can have a love of their life that inspires such words as God has given this man!

Monday, November 13, 2023

42 Years Ago

November 13, 1981.
Tomorrow I will be a married man!  HALLELUJAH!
Tonight, however, several of my good friends gave me a "Bachelor's Party."  It was NOT what ANYONE expected...

Sunset over at Oceanside,
a dozen closest friends
decided to have a get-together
before my celibacy ends.
Rod brought his Word of God along...
Bob brought some firewood...
Kevin brought with him his guitar,
and God said "It is good!"
We spent so many hours laughing,
crying and praying too.
And, of course, Kevin, with his guitar,
we had some singing, too!

A party unconventional-
but that was who we were.
They made sure that Jesus joined,
before I became one with her!
A perfect evening: a gentle breeze,
a constant fire stoked...
and the ocean right beside us
for those who wanted soaked!

I still recall the tears, the prayers,
the sacrifices made
by those faithful friends we had
with which, much time, we stayed!
We went to church together,
had Sunday School, also,
and, often, after Sunday night,
unto this beach we'd go!
And now, some things were going to change
as she became my wife!
It is the second-best decision
I have made in my life!

The first?  Well, of course, that would be asking Jesus to be my Lord and Savior by confessing my sins to Him and repenting. 
AND WE ARE STILL TOGETHER!  42 years later!  Still in love, and still GIVING GOD ALL THE GLORY!


Sunday, November 12, 2023

THAT Church IS out there!!

We live in a world of hurting, seeking people.  They are seeking that which some of us possess already due God's grace alone.  Are we going to share it with them?  After all, that IS our calling!

A lonely man set out to find
a loving, welcome place.
Somewhere where he could, all his past
and suffering, erase.
He saw so very many churches
that said "COME!  AND WELCOME BE!
So he thought he'd found places to,
loneliness, no longer see!

The first one that he entered told him
"You must dress 'this way!'
All the people in this place
will have something to say..."
Dejected, he moved on and found
another church to go.
He entered there and he was told
"Please apply, so we know______"
Frustrated further, he moved on,
that special place to find.
He just KNEW there was a place out there
that JESUS had designed!

"Welcome, friend!  We're glad you came!
Please, sit down anywhere!
Can I get you some coffee?  No,
don't worry about your hair!
Here's a bulletin so you know
of events happening here!
You do not have a ride?!  Don't worry!
We'll find a volunteer!"

The Church that God Himself designed,
in places, DOES exist!
Oh follow, ye the Holy Spirit,
lest that Church, it be missed!

You will find it amazing how many folks are STILL searching for THAT Church!  Just how much are WE, The Church, doing to help them with that search?  When you are lost, hurting or in pain, the last thing you are looking for is a set of 'rules!'

Saturday, November 11, 2023


So many wonders remain alive about the most important Man in history!  Though He 'died' in His thirties, look how many centuries those brief years have done for us...and continue to!  AND HE IS YET ALIVE!

He's never owned a house, but never
gone without a home?
In hearts that give Him residence
does He reside and roam!
He never carries 'cash,' yet He
is wealthiest of all!
He freely blesses, without measure
whenever ANY call!
He never studied medicine, yet
does He completely heal!
He even helps physicians all,
infirmities to reveal!
And, because He owns all things,
all things can He provide,
especially to them that follow
and have Him at their side!
Though He's never owned a 'business,'
countless employees has He!
But He prefers to call them 'friends,'
out of love for such as we!

Who is This One possessing 'nothing'
yet owning everything?
His Name is JESUS!  He is Lord!
His praises do we sing!
He's with us constantly each day
in all that we go through,
and He'll be There with The Redeemed,
There in That Life anew!!

One uncommon Man to live
a very common life--
the vow of uncommon eternity:

My friend, get to know this 'Uncommon' man!  Confess your sins to Him and ask Him to save your soul.  His Name is Jesus.  He suffered and died for YOU so that we could avoid an eternal Hell and reside with Him in Paradise, where He is enthroned in glory forevermore!

Father Perfection!

Yes, 'Father Perfection.'  There is one and only one Who may claim that title, and ONLY ONE that we attribute it to!  Have YOU met Him yet?

"Father of fathers, we love you so much!
There is no comparison unto Your touch!
You have us so firm and complete in Your hand,
and You make sure that we ever will stand!
Your strength given to us to help us to move...
Your Spirit so given to help us to improve...
and Your Risen Son--so alive in the heart!
There's so much, oh Father, You freely impart!
And what You provide us comes no other way!
PRAISE YOU!  Hallelujah but all through the day!
All of life knows of Your glory on high,
oh, but only The Fortunate, Lord, testify!"

The love of the Father of fathers above.
He handles His children with wonderful love!
He handles creation like none other can,
in spite of all differences of mortal man!
His firm and His peaceful control over all
should cause us no hesitance trusting His Call!
He stands up the mountains, He rolls out the hills,
He fills up the oceans, lakes, rivers and rills!
The stars and the planets He puts into place,
all because of His eternal, infinite grace!!

Yes, only The Father, God all alone,
has everything ever entirely known!
Including OUR daily steps, everyone each!
So wise is the person to constantly reach! 

Father God.  Completely over-abounding with any and all that living a loving father is...AND MUCH MORE!


Friday, November 10, 2023

Working For Him

On a morning that is 'unseasonable,' I sit out in the back under the flying leaves with pen and pad and receive words that He wants His people to hear...

Autumn's flying in the breeze

as I work on His Word
for His faithful that attend
this Sunday to be heard.
I know if I invest time in
His Word, this glorious day,
a message that will reach the masses
He will send my way!
But 'the masses,' they must read His Word, too,
to get the full effect!
"Show up...sing songs...bring tithes and listen..."
He expects a conversation
with Him every day!
And, He expects us to ACT, if He
is going to REACT our way! 

A message for the masses as
the autumn shades amass.
November feels like August with
these winds that briskly pass!
But savor, I, the many colors
as the sermons form
in the backyard, in His Presence,
and the breezes warm!

The glory of the blue
above the autumn hue.
The seasons demonstrated
and the messages created!

Blessed, so blessed am I to be in His Presence as He guides my pen and tells me where to go in His Word so that his servants will be blessed this Sunday.  GOD IS SO GOOD!


Happenings.  They never stop.  Good or bad.  And it doesn't matter who you are!  What DOES matter is your response to them!  Jesus knows all about ALL OF THEM, so why not turn to Him?

"Oh Lord, so much goes on in this life
that we, we did not plan!
A majority of it happens at
the hands of my brother man!
But there are several things that happen
because You caused them to.
What sets our fortitude at those times:

These happenings touch every man,
no matter who you are.
However, the way that we REACT
determines if we go far!
My Lord, You have a Perfect Way,
regardless what would rise!
And 'reasons' for these 'happenings'
lie way beyond the skies!

This man will do his very best
to keep a level head,
regardless what may come our way,
or which way we are led!
Because we know we are secure
inside Your very palm,
enables us to proceed further
savoring your perfect calm!

Not everything that's happening
inside the world this day
is 'pleasant' or 'enjoyable,'
we go through it anyway!
And getting 'bitter' only deepens
any type of wound,
and helps the problem or the challenge
to become 'ballooned!'

'Indeed, Lord, we turn to You amidst all that is happening in this world today AND WE CLING TIGHTLY!!  We KNOW, Lord, that all things are known to You, and we will spend eternity in a place where there are NO calamities!'

Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Finished...for now!

Finished, once again, with all that I could do while it was daylight.  Satisfied.  Knowing I did all that I could do for the kind folks who came in.  Now, in the unusual heat for this time of year, I bask in the leaves, underneath a sky that is filled with His glorious creations, and relax with her...

There is not more this man could do
in the time allotted me,
for the many guests that came to town
to buy from such as we!
We sold materials needed so
for their jobs to go on...
we did the best to satisfy them
before they each were gone.
And now, beneath the stars so brilliant,
my wife and I can relax,
as there is nothing going on,
our living, for to tax!
We talk about each other's day
and all that we went through.
We talk about each other's lives,
(as lovers often do!)
And we enjoy the brilliant sky above
with weather out-of-season!
Complaining not of such!  We ask
Creator God for no reason!
We KNOW that He controls it all,
and it will change very soon!
Therefore, enjoy we, while it is
November feeling like June!

The time changed last weekend.  So, right now, instead of savoring the sunset, we are enjoying starlight!  WE ARE SO BLESSED!  God is so good to us!  Recognize Him in whatever environment you are in, and HE WILL bless you!

Monday, November 6, 2023

Sweet Memories!

Busy with family.  Busy with work.  Busy with Church.  Busy with LIFE!  Throughout all of that 'busyness,' there are opportunities to make memories.  GOOD memories!!!

Memories, sweet memories-
they can be transportation
unto another place in time,
or even a location!
The ones that we cling to the most,
they impact us in ways
that cause us to reflect on them,
and give to God great praise!

Not ALL memories do such,
BUT GOD, He gives us much
to keep us moving ever forward, 
savoring His special touch!
'Things' happen so to each of us
as we are pressing on,
that cause us to desire that
they never would be gone!
But tomorrow is another day
to make more memories!
And so very fortunate is the man 
that, tomorrow, sees!
For tomorrow may be painful...
it may be full of joy...
but there are those amongst us that,
'tomorrow' won't enjoy!

So, make the memories while you can
and store them deep within
where they cannot be touched or stolen
by mere, mortal men!
And God will bring those memories to mind
just when we need them most!
Because He loves and cares for us!
In THIS, we'll forever boast!

Memories.  GOOD memories!  God makes sure that things happen in this life that we can store in such a place!  If things are happening right now that you would just as soon forget, KEEP PRESSING ON!  He will make sure that GOOD things begin to happen as long as you trust Him!

Sunday, November 5, 2023

The Stabilizer

That title may not do justice.  However, as we approach 42 years of marriage, that's how I see my wife!  In spite of her own pains and difficulties, she sets them aside to help us and others deal with theirs!  What a priceless treasure from God!

"For decades now, I've watched as you
became the gift you are!
From that teenager that dated me,
you've come so very far!
As we approach anniversary,
I look back on the years.
While I still can, I recall all
you've done that so endears!

You've kept the house up while this man
went through a few careers...
you bore a daughter and a son,
through much travail and tears!
You raised them up to be the 
successes that they are,
all while this man did his best
to make sure we went far!
You keep us fed.  You keep the bills
so that they are abreast!
When God Himself made you for me,
He made His very best!
And all the years that have amassed,
I STILL would choose no other!
To go through everything you do

As I look out at leaves that turn,
(and my hair turns to gray!)
I see the life that we've gone through-
and I'd choose no other way!
For no one else would have this man
with all that I've got wrong!
You and I, my precious wife,
we make a wonderful song!"

I AM SO BLESSED!  I've said it before.  I will say it again...and again...and again!  Debby Busby is hand-made by God Himself!  And I am so very fortunate that she fell in love with ME!

Saturday, November 4, 2023

Hard Thoughts

The sun is high in the morning sky.  I already took care of some of the things that 'life' requires.  I take a break now with my wife, just in time for a daily delight...

Slowly, as the 10:15

makes its way through the hills,
I listen to my Savior, and
the wisdom He instills.
He knows all that is happening
and helps me understand.
And, while the train does slowly pass,
converse we of 'demand.'
And He helps this man to realize
'not all will get along.'
He gave to each of us 'free will,'
and, sometimes, we choose 'wrong!'
We reap the benefits of 'choice'
throughout our lives each day.
Even the 'choices' of others affect.
(That's NOT His Perfect Way!)
For God would have us blessing and
supporting one another
the way that Jesus did--The One
Who's Closer Than a Brother!

'Are there better ways for me to serve?'
I ponder and observe.
Less pain would happen in this life!
As I watch the train 'round the curve.
As the engine echoes, I think
of people in MY life:
If I were to get more involved, tell me,
would there be much less strife?

Hard thoughts today as I spend a few hours watching the trains go by.  'What can I do better?'  'What should I STOP doing?'  'Will anyone even notice?'  I KNOW that God will.

Friday, November 3, 2023

The Way to Start

"Aah...Good Morning, Lord!"  What a beautiful day You have made!"
First thing.  I quietly rise and dress trying to let her sleep.  I make coffee and open up His Word.  Our conversation is constant, and it is DIALOGUE, not monologue.  I AM A VERY WEALTHY MAN!!

Early in the morning here

while life begins to rise.
For some, it takes a little while,
oh, but way beyond the skies
they are celebrating without
hindrances from health.
In Jesus, there they are complete,
and given greatest wealth!

Some have such HERE in padded pews
and take it all for granted!
Some do 'church' of ritual,
or habits so implanted,
never realizing the
they fumble day-to-day and live
lives that are, sadly, flawed!

But VICTORY!  It is availed
by nothing WE have done!
And everyday is made anew
Jesus--He is more than 'sermon,'
or 'surviving' through the day!
He wants us each to THRIVE in Him-
the Straight and Narrow Way!

It's early and I thrive
because Jesus is alive!
He saves my very soul,
and makes completely whole!

No better Way to start the day than to make some coffee and spend as much time with God and His Living Word for as long as you can.  The Way to ensure victory!

Forever Truths!

Finished up with all that had to be taken care of, there is now time to spend with God.  Though we have constant conversation throughout the day, I open up His Word and find His Truths alive therein...

"I know Your thoughts toward me, Father,
unending through the day!
Thoughts of happiness, tranquility,
and joy--whose end is nay!
I call upon Your loving ways,
You answer with all Truth!
And Your voice unto this servant. it
is filled with grace and ruth!
Regardless of how situations
in this life find us going,
Your mighty arms, they rein us in,
because You are all-knowing!
And because, Lord, You're a 'constancy,'
tomorrow You already see!
Thus, we can rest in knowing that You
have the best for such as we!
Yes, we call upon You, You respond
because You've worked it out!
We call upon You, Almighty God,
and we lean not unto doubt!
You listen when we talk to You.
You hear what our hearts say!
Oh, I shall ever cling to You, Lord,
throughout Forever Day!"

The prophet Jeremaiah saw the best and the worst in this world!  However, when he picked up a pen, he wrote promises that we LIVE right now and cling to for the days ahead!  Praise God for obedient people!

Thursday, November 2, 2023


The seasons' changing.  It is always so fascinating...AND BEAUTIFUL!  So grateful are they that are where they get to experience ALL seasons!

Savoring a day away from labor;
whole branches move so very. very slight.
Though autumn, it is barely half-way over,
the mighty oaks are STILL reflecting light!
The chimes are singing all throughout the land,
ever-gently, but welcome ever so!
Down the road, a man's got out his blower
to get a jump on fall; I hear it blow!

And peace is present late this afternoon!
Such is enjoyable as seasons pass!
Very soon, the weather will be frigid,
and difficulties will affect the mass!
Today, however, it is almost 'pleasant'
with not a thing at all to block the sun!
A prefect day to do that necessary
before winter comes with loaded gun!

So beautiful--the seasons of the year.
It breaks up the 'monotony' of life!
Six weeks away, winter will start its hinting,
causing folks so many kinds of strife!
Today, though, it is 'comfortable,' at best,
with everything aglow in November sun!
The colors that God, He has appointed-
falling gently, only now, have they begun! 

The glory and wonder of autumn across the land!  God created it.  And it affects this great country at different times!  THIS YEAR, it is a few weeks late, but nobody is complaining!

Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Beyond our Understanding

The love and immensity of God.  Who could rightly fathom and record it?!  It is NOT possible!  However, relationship with Him is!  Do YOU know how?

Beyond our understanding,

(yet understanding all,)
God Most High, He reigns above
and knows of every call!
His care and His concern for us
is like none other known!
So fortunate and blest are those
He calls 'His very Own!'
And He reigns, regardless what is said.
All life does He control!
His touch--it is the only thing
that makes completely whole!
And His love--for it is perfect,
one that is all-complete!
A love that is already ours,
none of us must 'compete!'

Beyond our understanding,
Just savor living life abundant
beneath The Father's eye!
For He knows best in every
situation we go through;
and His love, it is the very Best
for me and even YOU!
And His great understanding-
it does not have an end!
So very fortunate are they
that know The Lord as 'Friend!'
He loves, protects, He blesses like
not any other can!
And having YOU have Him as "Lord-"
that is His Master Plan!

His glorious salvation is available to one and all!  However, it is a decision that each individual must make in their heart!  Please. my friend, don't go another day without a relationship with Him!