Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Your Best Efforts

There are times in this life, each of our lives, when we know that we have done all that we could do, and we just need a place to go and recover.  Fortunately, God Most High knows that, too...

To there ascend with my Best Friend
to worship and to love!
In His Elevated Place,
all issues, I'm above!
Created He such Place for us
and ALL who call His Name!
In fact, anyone at all,
this blessed Locale, may claim!

It is a Place that is immune
from stresses, pain and grief,
where anyone at all may find
refreshment and relief!
Everything for restoration
to a normal 'state,'
so freely is availed to us,
because He DOES relate!

BUT, you must relate to Him,
and ask Him to be 'Lord,'
so that, such necessary Place,
to you, He will afford!
Every one of us needs such
to press on to success,
and so, the labors of our hands,
will minister and bless!
And so that we be blessed with 'peace
that passes understanding!'
(Even though we be in places
that are so 'demanding!')

There, I ascend with my Best Friend--
Jesus Christ, The Lord!
'Things' that money cannot buy,
to me, does He afford!

So very glorious it is to know 'belonging!'  Salvation through Jesus Christ provides that 'belonging,' and it is attained no other way!  Savor that perfect peace with this man, will you not?  His arms are wide open!


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