Sunday, October 8, 2023


Wherever you go, it seems, whatever time of day it happens to be, there is some place, somewhere, broadcasting the news!  That news, inevitably, contains 'violence' going on somewhere...

Oh, when will all the hatred stop?
When will bullets fly no more?
When will missiles fire no longer
from some unknown, foreign shore?
No longer are there "Rules of War"
in this day and age!
Men have become creative so
to carry out their rage!

But WHY must 'rage' even fester?
All things can be obtained!
If countries can finance destruction
that centuries have trained,
then, surely, those most able can
finance peace and production,
thus producing 'prosperity'
and violence reduction!

Call me 'simple.'  'Out of touch.'
'Understanding naught.'
But those appealing for food and such,
But 'bring it home:' those who cry out
for all types of aid
drive autos newer than my own,
and clothing--'designer-made!'

Yet, still, the bullets fly.  The missiles
land and take their toll.
"Oh Lord Jesus, quickly come,
and purify each soul!!
We KNOW You have Your Chosen, Lord.
Protect us 'til That Day
all will be known, You split the skies,
and take Your Own away!

Everything we see on the news or read about in the paper is going to continue, (and get worse!) until God gives His Son Jesus the command to come and get us and take us to That Perfect Place!

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