Monday, October 2, 2023

Truth that NEVER changes!

We live in a world where information is immediate and in constant change!  There is ONE Truth, however, that will NEVER matter what mere mortal man develops...

There is a Truth so overlooked
yet needed more than ever!
It is a fact cemented hard
that not a thing will sever!
More than 'denomination,'
beyond 'by-law' or 'decree,'
it is the love and favor 
Jesus has for such as we!

The passion that our Savior has--
can ANY understand?
For He was with The Father when
the universe was planned!
He knew the path that He would take
when His time had come;
He knew of it before it all,
He knew the painful sum!

And, yet, my Jesus came because
of The Victory ahead!
Therefore, for such as you and I,
obedient, was He led!
So, each and all that He fore chose
could know That Victory--
The Victory from day-to-day,
regardless what we see!

The Victory--forevermore
in Heaven up above!
Where everything is perfect, and
the ONLY Law is love!
So, know The Truth of Jesus Christ
inside your heart and soul!
Relinquish your 'self' unto Him,
allowing Him control!

The Truth of Jesus Christ:  SALVATION THROUGH HIS BLOOD!  Your only Way to Eternal Heaven that God the Father has prepared for them that choose His Son!


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