Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Time Best Spent!

Every one of us is busy.  If we are not, 'life' has trained us to think that something is wrong!  THIS life!  God, however, has a most-perfect timeline, and we would accomplish far more by adhering to HIS!

Sunlight through the louvres,

20 stories high!
Before the office staff arrives,
so much to catch the eye!
The endless blue is foremost as
I put the coffee on.
As it is brewing, I take in
the sights before time's gone!
From this height, one sees so much
that happens in the day:
mighty ships arrive and depart
from the azure bay.
Filled with cargo from all corners,
never do they cease!
Watching them go in and out,
it brings, to this man, peace!

And One in Whom is perfect peace
is also at my side!
He helps point out the majesty
that, in plain sight, would hide-
hide from them in such a hurry...
them in such a rush...
them in pursuit of ways to make
prosperity to gush!
Them that would ignore this time
that, daily, must be taken...
THAT time that is of most import,
too many have forsaken!
That priceless time with God, Himself,
in the active day,
viewing His creation, oh,
so clearly on display!

Too many I know are there that try to cram their day with so many tasks and duties that they have no time at all for time with God--THAT time that matters most of all!

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