Wednesday, October 25, 2023

The Welcome Rain!

It's late in October.  The trees and the temps around here, however, feel like the end of July!!  No complaints from this man.  It only inspires more words from this pen...

My God, He thunders o'er the land
in His time and place.
He blesses us with needed rain
from His abundant grace.
The land and life receive refreshment
and rejuvenation,
and wise be they that give Him thanks
with praise and exhortation!

Too many days this life has gone
with not a drop at all!
The farmers looked toward the skies
with nothing there to fall!
Oh, but not this week!  He blesses us
with necessary rain,
and we know that, in several weeks,
the crops shall be our gain!
And this man won't complain at all--
he gets to watch the storm!
The lightening and the thunder and
the many clouds that form!
AND THE RAIN!  The precious rain,
so fragrant and so loud
upon this metal roof above-
my temporary shroud!

Soon, I must go in and prepare 
a message that will bless.
It might as well include His weather,
(though others see a mess!)

A passing thunderstorm.  It can be dangerous and deadly in these parts!  Today, however, it is welcome, refreshing and beautiful!  Make time to enjoy it, whatever you have planned for the day!


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