Tuesday, October 24, 2023

The Only TRUE Constancy!

Death...taxes...prices...weather...I know, to some, these are the only 'constancies' they know.  However, though some may see them as 'constant,' none of them are 'eternal!'  There is only ONE Who is 'eternal!  Have YOU met Him yet, my friend?

Jesus Christ--so wonderful!

Involved in all of life!
He joins us in all celebration,
He holds us through all strife!
Greater, He's a Constancy
that will not fluctuate!
While all the days have ups-and-downs,
He keeps us going straight!

And Jesus--He has friendship that
no 'person' replicates!
Therefore, relationship with Him--
the whole world celebrates!
Because, though He is over all,
so 'personal' is He,
knowing every answer that
relates to such as we!
And we can so relate to Him,
as He listens to us each!
'Ask Him to be your Lord and Savior,'
this man would so beseech!

Jesus Christ, so wonderful,
so loving and so kind!
A closer kinship, trust this man,
you WILL NOT EVER find!
He is the First, He is the Last,
and them that so belong to Him,
we are so very blessed!

There are all kinds of relationships we have with people in this life.  But NO relationship is greater than salvation in Jesus!  God's Own Love, come as A Man, and ever-active and available for them that belong to Him!

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