Monday, October 9, 2023

That's Why He Calls Us!

A busy celebration somewhere.  Looking around, everyone is having a great time.  Then, out of the corner of your eye, you see that ONE person...

"You sat there, by yourself, away
from the laughter and the fun.
I watched you from a distance,
When no one else showed up, I sat
beside you, uninvited.
I feel the pain that you go through
when others get excited!"
I just want you to know that there
are folks who truly care!
But you must reach out to us so
that we can come and share!

What's your name?  What brings you here
on such a busy night?
Are you with that group that's having fun?
Why are you "out of sight?"
But you're not 'out of sight' at all!
For God knows where you are!
That's why He sent me over here,
He knows about your scar!

NO, PLEASE!  Don't go!  There ARE some folks
that love and welcome you!
We care about the pain you're feeling,
and what you're going through!
And we want to assist you (if we can,)
NOT to feel this way!
Truth be told, we've been where you are
somehow, somewhere, someday!"

Yes, all of us have had these feeling at one point or another.  God has allowed us to GO THROUGH such times for such a time as this: to reach and relate to someone else!  Are YOU available?

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