Sunday, October 22, 2023

THAT Absolute Hope!!

In this life, there is very little in which to cast your hope.  However, Jesus Christ alone is The Only One Hope that will never disappoint, never hurt, and NEVER let us down!!

There is a hope to which we cling,

solidified by God,
that, on the streets of solid gold,
someday soon, we shall trod!
Our loved ones, they will join us there,
with Jesus Christ the Lord!
God's Own Son--the ONLY One,
salvation to afford!

It is that hope that keeps us pressing
on toward That Day
when 'hope' shall be unnecessary--
no 'need for prayers' for aye!
No yearning for His Presence, as
HE shall be with us There,
and 'Paradise' and perfect life--
they shall be everywhere!

Yes, there is a Hope to which we cling:
In THIS life, such wonderments,
they come with His accord!
The hoes and the desires that
we hold so deep inside,
Jesus Christ, God's very Son,
to all would He provide!

Beyond all hope...beyond all faith...
beyond 'belief,' also,
is the FACT that HE IS WITH US,
evermore to go!
The Word of God dwelling here
AND in that Perfect Place!
There, reaping all accumulated,
as we dwell here by grace!

SOON AND VERY SOON!  The signs of His return are everywhere if you are paying attention!  All that HE is waiting for is His Father's command to come and get us, then we shall meet Him in the air!

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