Saturday, October 28, 2023


God's Word.  IT IS ETERNAL!  And the truths found therein are just as alive for us today as they were when they were penned!  HALLELUJAH!  Today's word implores us to be courageous and strong, and it comes right out of The Living Psalms! 

In the world that we are in,
regardless where we are,
God, in His wisdom and His Presence,
not ever is afar!
No matter what is facing us,
we can press on ahead,
in His strength and His courage,
not dreading such, instead!
Yea, be strong and take courage, knowing
God retains all control!
Trust in Him completely and
He'll keep you ever whole!
Too, He will protect you in ways
man can fathom not!
All because, The Living Word,
inside your soul you've got!

Yea, in this world, a lot goes on
contrary to the same.
Press on, nonetheless, and give
all praise unto His Name!
He is holy.  He is worthy.
The sole Omniscient One!
And we will be rewarded then,
when this old life is done!

Our days, He has them numbered, and
He NEVER leaves our side!
Make sure that You belong to Him
and, in you, He'll abide!
Do not fear!  Be not afraid
of what mere man can do!
Because the very Son of Man,
He dwells inside of you!

Life seems to become more and more complex and complicated with each day that passes!  However, the Answer is still the same: Jesus Christ, the Living Word!

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