Friday, October 27, 2023

Signs of His Presence!

I find it amazing when folks start to notice sights and sounds that have been around for years, yet it is only of late that people take note of them!  Every corner of the country is different, yet they all contain signs of His Presence!

Acorns echo off the roof

with every passing breeze!
Soon, to coat the land, along
with clothing from the trees!
For now, it's a variety
for the very eyes;
the shades of autumn we're celebrating
underneath the skies!
And the squirrels are having fun
traversing every limb!
From tree-to-tree, gravity
they seem to take at whim!
Entertaining one and all
that even catch the eye!
Especially the fortunate
with blessed time such as I!

"Thank You, God Creator, for
Your touch upon this land!
The hills...the trees...the wildlife
that You create by hand!
How many notice all these hints
and appreciate?
THAT many, they will have a life
that is so very great!

And, once again, the acorns echo
off the roof above!
It startles, so, my cats and dogs,
oh, but it's a sound I love!
It goes on as I fellowship
with Him Who made the same--
the mighty trees and agile squirrels,

I am so very thankful that we put a steel roof over this house that God blessed us with!  It serves to accentuate the many 'sounds' that would otherwise go unnoticed!  WHAT A BLESSING!

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