Monday, October 30, 2023

Real Life!

"Words to uplift...encourage...and minister."  So opens to first page of my website.  Sometimes, however, 'life' does things to you that are NOT uplifting, nor encouraging, nor bring you any strength!
Sometimes, this life does things to you where it is all that you can do to make it to the end of the day!  Ever felt that way?  Do you know someone who does?  I promise you, they are closer than you think...

Once again, the pain takes hold,
And you STILL have a full day!
Do you just quit?  Throw in the towel?
And it HURTS to walk away!
You are a child of Most High God,
'twas settled long ago!
But, as the years pass, it feels that,
His touch has withered so!

'I can't remember like I used to.
That frustrates me so!'
'It hurts to even move around,
so fewer places do I go.'
"Let me pray for you and
everything will be alright..."
You get so tired of hearing that,
so, anger is your plight!
So many doctors have I seen
with promise, empty so!
However, it's The Great Physician,
that I also know!
HE'S THE ONE Who understands
this man in every way,
And, in HIS time, His perfect healing,
it will come my way!
So, instead of 'saying' something that
you 'think' might ease my fetter,
actually DO something
that might make my life better!

"I understand..." "I'll pray for you..." "I know the way you feel.."  Are YOU guilty of using those terms just so that you can move on with your day?  Stop hiding behind your 'Churchiosity!'  Perhaps someone doesn't want to hear that.  They just want you to be love them...maybe even hold them until they 'feel' secure again.  I KNOW that is what Jesus would do!

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