Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Our Priorities

We have a duty.  We have a 'calling.'  However, what happens if something interferes or gets in the way of our best intentions?

The Lord, He came by life today

while life was going by.
So busy was this man, however,
with folks who came to buy.
I wanted to take time with Him
in fellowship and love.
But, with a place so filled with guests,
such 'time' I had none of!

The day is done.  Work is over.
It is time to unwind.
The Lord, He visits once again.
But, this time, time I find!
We fellowship together, expressing
what great love have we!
With not a thing to interfere,
so wonderful it be!
I start to mention earlier
when He came in the store.
He lifts His hand and smiles at me,
"My child, say no more!
I knew that you were busy with
the guests you were assisting.
I just came by to check on you!
I'm proud you weren't 'resisting!'"

The Lord comes by life all the time.
Just BE YOURSELF always!
He already knows you honor Him,
and love Him with your praise!
So, honor Him and love Him with
your labor and your task.
Worship in obedience,
and He'll do what you ask!

I know quite a few folks who, if you were stranded beside the road, would pass right by you just so they would not be late for church!  Tell me, what kinda message does that send?!

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