Wednesday, October 4, 2023

One and ONLY One!

A lot of 'talk' is going around about "How to get to Heaven."  Depending on which door you walk through, you will probably get a different 'interpretation' of how!  Depending on which 'spiritual leader' or 'guide' you listen to, you may get a totally different approach!  What about what The Bible, GOD'S OWN WORD says...

Beyond 'denomination,' more than

'bylaw' or 'belief,
relationship with Jesus Christ
must be heartfelt and CHIEF!
With Christ residing in the heart
and given all control,
succeeding in THIS life will be,
and He'll receive your soul!

Faith--for it cannot be based
in anything but Christ!
He is The One and only One
Who, for us, sacrificed!
He came, He lived, He died in life
like any man would do,
but, three days later, He rose again,
providing life anew!
That is NOT 'denomination,'
that is Truth, IN STONE!
On which, salvation for all men,
is very freely known!
The One and only Way for man
to know exoneration:
we confess, He forgives!

Love beyond 'denomination,'
Love that has ONE base!
And there is NO ONE needing such
that is a 'lost case!'
Jesus takes you as you are,
He saves your soul, forgives your sins,
and leads you everywhere!

"He didn't bring us this far to leave us!"
No, even though Jesus is the only Way to Heaven, once we give Him our soul He will lead us, guide us, bless us, encourage us and protect us!  (And much more!)
Have YOU found this to be true in YOUR life yet?

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