Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Oh, That Perfect Time Ahead!!

We get up each day, spend time with Jesus and go our separate ways...that way that God directs us to go.  When we are finished, we return home, turn on the news and hear of MORE corruption...ON A DAILY BASIS!  Oh, but not for long!

There is a time when 'government,'

it will not be 'corrupt!
A time when there will be no
'issues' that interrupt!
A time that will not come to end,
and we will tire not!
It is a time that, all of HIS Own,
most certainly, have got!

That Time, for we read all about it
in His Word alive!
It's explained to us by them by whom,
His ordaining, does so drive!
It is a Time we look forward to
while we spend time down here,
doing all we're led to do
in the Spirit-sphere!

We see it and desire it
as we do all we can
bettering the world we're in,
and helping our brother-man!
Nothing of this place to hinder
in that 'yonder Place!
Do all you can, my brothers to
inspire more to Grace!

In this day and age, such is a daunting task...BUT NOT IMPOSSIBLE!  We see and deal with folks each day that are DYING to hear about Jesus' eternal life!  LET NOTHING HOLD YOU BACK!

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