Sunday, October 15, 2023

Never Neglected!

Progress.  Has it become one of our worst enemies?  IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE!  No matter how successful we matter how 'old' we get...regardless of the afflictions that plague us...GOD'S PRESENCE WILL NEVER LEAVE US!  

'Loneliness' cannot find us 'alone'

because, to God, we never are 'unknown!'
Neither is there 'emptiness' to be,
as, His Presence, it is constantly!
For when nobody else may be around,
we have the freedom to be 'safe and sound.'
For Jesus Christ the Lord is ever near,
and we have not a reason for to fear!

So, with Jesus' Presence constantly,
alone we never, ever have to be!
His Presence is so constant and so real,
and, not a thing, desires He 'conceal!'
Not only is He ever at our side...
not only, IN HIM, are we to abide...
in Him there is complete transparency--
for we can tell Him everything that be!
And, His wisdom, He will freely share
out of the abundance of His care!

So, if we 'feel' neglected or alone,
remember that we are His very Own!
And there's no better occupant to be
than Jesus Christ, The Lord, our Victory!
He pays attention, listens, understands,
and He secures us in His mighty hands!
We never, no, not ever are alone,
because, to Him, we are completely known!

This world, the speed of life and all that is going on can sometimes make us 'feel' alone.  Even overwhelm us!  But such can NEVER be!  Along with everything else happening in the world, God Most High has His eyes on each of us, as well!  CLING TO THIS TRUTH, MY FRIEND, and do not EVER let the enemy steal it from your heart!

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