Saturday, October 14, 2023

Never is the Vision 'Boring!'

"GOD IS SO GOOD TO US!"  That Truth can NEVER be argued!  He not only provides us with life, abundant life, but He sees to it that we never get bored with our surroundings:  HIS CREATION!

The seasons in the branches;
FINALLY, signs of fall!
It is cooling off a bit.
(THAT'S pleasing unto all!)
But the colors!!  They begin to catch 
the vision everywhere!
There are even mighty leaves
falling here and there!

BUT GOD--He never changes,
He's dependable and kind!
Most people go through all the day
and give to Him no mind!
But I am mindful of Him, and
include Him in it all!
Especially adoring the
arrival of the Fall!

Autumn--oh so glorious,
and more with time to pass!
Right now, it's getting cooler, oh,
but soon, a colored mass!
The spectrum in the trees before
the quilt upon the ground.
And, through it all, the hand of God,
is very freely found!

"Thank You, Father, for the seasons,
by hand, You created!
Each of them deserve to be
observed and celebrated!
Some we favor over others,
all, though, necessary.
And You, alone, keep them in line
so that the year won't very!"

Father God not only gives us abundant life, He does His best to make sure said life is NEVER boring!  "Thank You, Father God, for the wonder of the seasons!  You are so good to us!"


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