Friday, October 20, 2023

National Boss' Day

This is about five days late, but I just found the note that says "Send this on October 16."  OOOPS!!  My bad.  In this day and age, it seems that we are coming up with a day set aside to honor just about ANYONE!  This one, however, deserves to be observed, as some of us are blessed with WONDERFUL ones!

There is a day now set aside
as "National Boss's Day."
Some employees would loathe such,
and choose to stay away!
BUT GOD has put them in a place
of authority,
because He knows their leadership
and their quality!
And THIS MAN, he has been so blessed
wherever I have labored
with bosses and with supervisors
with whom I have found favor!
THAT'S a gift from God alone!
And may those over me
be recognized, be protected,
and blessed more than I be!

Most are there where they belong,
doing what they must
because 'they worked their way' up there,
accumulating trust!
They know the ins-and-outs of running 
'business' day-to-day.
Along with honoring their title,
we must daily pray!

So 'HAPPY BOSS'S DAY' to all
who do that title proud!
You are appreciated, and
we sing your praises loud!
Be all that you can be and, please,
continue honing skills,
so that, what you possess, into
your each worker, instills!

Thank you to Mr. Brown, Don, Ron, Steve, Hurshell, Josh, Sharon, Sherry, Galloway, Sally, Mikey, Billy and others who have had the patience to employ me!
Yes, I do know that there are supervisors out there that some may feel deserve no recognition.  However, we are COMMANDED by God, in His Word, to 'honor those in authority.'  In doing so, we honor HIM.  And HE will take care of the ones that be undeserved.


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