Monday, October 16, 2023

Middle East

I love it when God wakes me and tells me to write something down.  HOWEVER, when it seems 'political,' well, I often dread it.
But, what is happening RIGHT NOW is beyond 'political.'  It is humanitarian.  And too many innocent people are getting injured or killed!

Do life or time have any matter
when the heart's involved?
BOTH are used when such an issue
needs to be resolved!
How far are we to go with the same?
The HEART should reveal such--
even when said issues have
so personal a touch!

There be a people, well-established,
knowing of their place.
Even a people, favored highly,
and replete with grace!
Living the land assigned to them
by God Most High alone!
And now, a people most minute,
they want it for their own!
Therefore, much violence and destruction
do they so inflict.
Upon those folks, so well established,
with whom they conflict!
Other peoples offer help, hope,
prayers and support
unto each side.  And, oh, the lengths
the 'helpers' will resort!

BUT GOD, He's well aware of
everything that's going on.
And when HE'S had enough of it
each enemy will be GONE!
Gone to a place of punishment
that shall not ever end.
The Chosen, though, will go to a Place,
enjoying Him as FRIEND!

Are YOU one of the Chosen Ones?  Our hearts ache for what is happening in the Middle East!  May we pray for them daily...constantly, that a peaceful resolution be found to stop the bloodshed!

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