Monday, October 23, 2023

Lunch with Craig

Life happens.  Things happen and throw us out of our 'routine.'  Pretty soon, the people that we held so dearly we hear from no longer.  BUT GOD, He has so many ways to refocus us...

How many are the years that come

and go as time accrues?
And, yet, our friendship is immune
from 'policies' and 'views!
Too many months, though, passed this time,
as, 'busy,' we both got!
The same, though, almost seems 'excuse,'
and explains it not!

All that, however, changed today.
You picked me up for lunch!
No 'issues' or 'excuses' pressing,
and NOTHING, time to crunch!
The hours spent we catching up
on life and memories...
I valued every moment, Craig,
and time flew like the breeze!
So wonderful to hear the ways
that God has blessed us so!
So fascinating, all the ways,
His Spirit made us go!
I never thought I'd be in a place
of such management!
Neither did imagine I
the ordained way YOU went!
You, in a massive hospital,
me in retail management!
He does so far surpass the dreams-
on which, much time, we spent!

But grateful, I, you contacted 
this man for casual meal!
It was a 'divine appointment'
that God, only, could reveal!
His blessing. it was over all
the time we had together;
and PROUD is this man, after all this time,

I know, I know.  We get busy.  Life happens.  We get involved or uninvolved with happenings that kind of 'take over' life, and before you know it, you lose sight of the people and things that matter most!  EXCUSES!!  Thank you, again, Craig, for contacting me again and taking me out so that we could catch up.  We need to do this more often, as WE NEED ONE ANOTHER!

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