Saturday, October 21, 2023


So very glorious be this time of year!  The changing of the seasons...FINALLY!  It is almost a month late, but it is beautiful nonetheless!  And God's fingerprints are everywhere!

Scattered shadows underneath the trees.
Though it's October, summer is in the breeze!
Today are signs of autumn in the sight:
the red oaks are so very, very bright!
And I notice, as I'm savoring the sun,
the squirrels, once again, are having fun!
As they jump the limbs so very high,
the acorns hit the steel roof that have I!
With other roofs, you hardly hear at all.
With THIS roof, entertaining is the call!
And the leaves, unusually late,
the property around, to inundate!

Not a one complains of this at all.
As winter, it has shown no signs to call!
We're still having 'summer' temps each day,
though November is just ten days away!

All this wonder, God, alone, created.
So, all throughout the day, He's celebrated!
We praise and glorify Him as we go
taking care of issues that we know.
The list of such, it never has an end,
so, blessed we are to have Him as our Friend!
So helps He everyone who calls His Name,
therefore, deserves He praises and acclaim!"
For He does things that no one else can do,
like change the seasons and make life anew!
And make squirrels and the birds to entertain!
So wealthy them that would count such as 'gain!'

Scattered shadows underneath the trees,
in October sun with slightest breeze.
The fingerprints of God be all about.
Gratitude to Him will never run out!

I love this time of year.  It is even more wonderful THIS year, as the temperature is still pleasant!  THANK YOU, CREATOR GOD MOST HIGH!


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